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Discovery Flights


1 Hour Gold Package – $249
1.5 Hour Platinum Package – $349
2 Hour Diamond Package – $449

Take to the skies with one of Liberty Aviation’s Premium Discovery Flight options:

The history of aviation has been a timeline of adventure and discovery and it has never been easier to take place in the experience with Liberty Aviation. Liberty Aviation Discovery flights offer a unique perspective for future potential pilots or curious passengers to follow their dreams and take part in flight. Learn what it’s like to plan your exciting flight, safely inspect your aircraft, and take off into the wild blue skies of Los Angeles.

Look to the clear blue skies or explore the exciting world below, the adventure in Los Angeles is all yours. While some enjoy learning the art of smoothly controlling the aircraft, others take advantage of seeing the world below from a whole new perspective. Your FAA Certified Flight Instructors will be by your side for all the help you may need.

Liberty Aviation offers 1 Hour, 1.5-Hour and 2 hour flights from our Camarillo Airport location in sunny Southern California with easy access to Malibu, Los Angeles Downtown scenic locations, Hollywood Skyline, Santa Monica, Santa Barbara as well Southern California’s most scenic locations.

1 Hour Flight: Best for people who are exploring their existing love of aviation. The 1 Hour flight is an excellent option for individuals who are deciding if they would like to start flight training or shopping around to find the perfect flight school. Typically, the 1 Hour flight will depart our local airport and allow time for hands-on flight training or sightseeing.

1.5-Hour Flight: Takes the experience to a whole new level by allowing the flight to venture further from our home airport. Our Camarillo location can tour the Los Angeles Downtown skyline on the 1.5-Hour flight, while our 2 hour flight can explore the Santa Barbara, Malibu and Los Angeles area or the beaches of the Los Angeles.

Gift Certificates: Buy someone an exciting discovery flight that will open the doors on their flight training and catapult their aviation career, or give them a once in a lifetime experience to remember.

Gold Discovery Flight

1 Hour of Flight Time

Sedona Airport

Platinum Discovery Flight

1.5 Hours of Flight Time

Diamond Discovery Flight

2 Hours of Flight Time